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Our values

Our values


Taking small steps toward perfection

If you improve anything's quality by 1%, to the end of the year it will become 400% better.


We hear each other

Nobody can know everything. We need everyone's expertise to find the best solution. That's why anyone can have a say and impact the team's current course if they see a better way


It has to feel right

We want you to succeed. If you think you'd give more to the world as a sound designer rather than an analyst, why not? Just prove that you'd be good at it



We trust our instincts, but we rely on data. Every choice has to be proven by facts and research. In game dev, processes can be chaotic sometimes, and we want to create order — with a focus on meaningful actions and conscious choices


Have fun

We're more than just a company. Friends invite friends, wives invite husbands, brothers invite sisters — in a way, we're a family. And like every big family, we like to throw a party every six months


Medical insurance

Wherever you are

Semi-annual bonuses

Each one is up to 2x your salary, depending on your performance

Choose a destination

Georgia, Montenegro, Lithuania, Poland, Cyprus, Ukraine

Work remotely

Or you can hang out at our offices in Vilnius, Kyiv, Budva or Limassol

Flexible hours

Work at your pace

Personal growth

Annual allowance for training

Where squirrels live


Join us!

You might be the missing piece to a puzzle we're putting together. Don't hesitate — apply right now!

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