Funky Bay


Planting crops and trees, harvesting
How can I get more fields?
How do I build production buildings?
How do I rotate a building or put it in the inventory?
Where can I get animals for the farm and how do I feed them?
What do I do when the Barn and Silo are full?
How do I unlock extra land on my island?
Where can I get decorations for my farm?
I saw some unusual decorations on my friend’s farm, but I can't find them in the Shop. How can I get them?
How do I get coins?
How can I get Gems?
What do I need energy and oxygen for?
Who are the Paddlers?
What is the Beach, the Pier, the Tunnel and expedition on the large Ship?
How do I unlock the Market? How does it work?
How does the Global Market work?
How do I open Mines?
Are there pets in the game?
What do I need seashells for and how can I get them?
What is the Neighborhood and when does it become available?